The trout fishing season stretches from April to September. The Estate has two boats on nearby Loch Shin available for guests (max 3 people a boat) and fishing on the Tirry and Fiag rivers. 

Elsewhere on Shinness, there is a boat on Loch Ulbhaidh and bank fishing on other lochs, including Lochan Staing and Poll a Phac.

River fishing is available on the Fiag and Tirry rivers, at either end of the estate. Alongside trout, some salmon manage to climb the Lairg dams by late summer, so it is possible that you may see one.


Fishing flies are available from the Keeper who will also help with the boats and give advice on the best places to fish.


The Kyle of Sutherland Fishing Board has information on other local fishing opportunities.                   Check their website on http://www.ksft.org/


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